Novelist Kate Christensen On May Paddock – Her First Mentor

Novelist Kate Christensen talks about May Paddock’s positive influence on her life in the July 10th edition of NPR’s Fresh Air.

“Q: You finished high school at a Waldorf school. Explain what a Waldorf school is. How would the curriculum and kind of the school differ from a traditional high school?

KATE CHRISTENSEN: I think that it’s much more classical, and the school that I went to had an extraordinary arts program. I think that’s really part of the Waldorf curriculum. We sang kind of sophisticated choral music and played the Brandenburg Concerti in our orchestra and put on “King Lear” as seniors, and our creative writing class was with my teacher May Eliot(Paddock), who was my first mentor. And, you know, we were doing – she (May) was a great critic, and I feel like that’s where I really started writing seriously and where I was really taken seriously and criticized as if it were a workshop setting.

You can listen to the entire interview here.